The ‘I have a boyfriend’ lie.

I came across this video a few minutes ago actually. I do not understand why the guy in the video was so offended though considering how many creeps there are in this world trying to hit on girls/ women but don’t seem to get the picture that you are not interested. The way how he was whining was so annoying. I wouldn’t have wanted to give him my number either.

First of all, yes most girls do do this indeed. I even have done this a few occasions myself. Now imagine living as a girl/ woman. And whenever you decide to dress up for yourself (I must add, because most men think girls/ women dress up for them), men feel the need to always try hitting on you, following you around and trying to get your number even when you refuse them multiple times already. Would you not try coming up with a white lie to get rid of that person? Especially, if that person is a total stranger and you do not feel fully comfortable with them. And further, why should you give them your number?

You have no idea how many times I have been annoyed by men trying to hit on me. It seriously pisses me off to no end! Some men, even if you tell them you are not interested or even if you lie telling them you have a boyfriend, they seem not to get the picture for some reason. They continue to harass you! If you tell some of them no or turn them down politely they sometimes would become (a little) aggressive towards you! Saying things like ‘you think yourself better than me’ yadda yadda… Who girl wants that!? So of course we are going to make up a white lie like having a boyfriend to get rid of you!

Last Saturday I even had some middle aged man following me around for some time and almost followed me home! But I turned a corner and ran all the way home to get rid of him. Not that I was really scared or anything but I did not want to put myself in that kind of situation if it could be avoided. I was more angry than scared. This was not the first time I was almost followed home. This has happened more than once! Do you think that is okay for anyone to do? Of course not! No wonder we women nowadays are so cautious and careful regarding who we give our numbers to and who we interact with. If you cannot see the reasons as to why a lot of girls/ women are now standoffish, then you seriously have a lot to learn!

Just as this girl tweets:


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