Family Means Unconditional Love!

Hey y’all! How is everyone’s doing? Sorry, I was not able to write anything yesterday because to be honest I was quite busy between having school practically the whole day, having to retrieve something and trying to study for an exam that I ended up not having today because of some miscommunication on my part.

By the way did anyone tune in on Monday to listen to the interview I had with the hosts of the Chocolate City radio show? How was it? Did you like it? Was it informative enough? Please, let me know! I’m curious…

Anyway, I do not have anything in particular that I really want to talk about… I thought the video below was really sweet and somewhat heartwarming and it made me cry a little. 😥

I have seen these types of touching videos before and in most cases I end up in a puddle of my own tears because they are such tearjerkers. I can’t help myself when I see them. This video is no different. It had touched me and it is something I can sort of relate to as well. As a teenager I admit I sort of despised my parents, as I can imagine most teenagers do, and my reasons were because:

  1. I felt like they did not understand me at all and that they did not even try to understand,
  2. No matter what I did I could never satisfy them. I felt like almost everything I did was wrong,
  3. I was not allowed to do a lot of things growing up that normal children/ teenagers could do due to the fact that my parents were so strict.

However, now I do not feel that way anymore. I guess I can say I get along with them a lot better now then I ever did back then. Also, now I can understand and even agree with the way they rared me and some of the harsh methods they used because I believe I would not be the type of person I am today if it were not for their very strict rules. If a parent is always too lenient with their child some of them could end up going down the wrong path and become ruined. I´ve seen that kind of situation too often actually. So I am grateful.

Next time you think your parents are too strict or are giving you too much of a hard time remember that what they do is trying to do their best (to raise you to be an independent and respectable adult) to the best of their ability. They are not perfect. None of us are. They usually just want the best for you and sometimes might not know how to go about doing it.Take care!

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