Starting Over

Hola my lovely fans! (Joke) Today is my Writing Related Fridays and I just realised that it has really been one month and a week since I last posted anything related to my own writing at all. I’m ashamed, lol… Well, today I’ve decided to post another snippet of a story that I have been working on for the past couple of years now. And, no, it is not the same story that I posted last time. This story I started writing way before I started writing the Forelorn One. Writing Starting Over has been going slowly but surely, but one of these days I shall finish it! And when I do I wonder what I should reward myself with? Maybe a trip to Japan which is something I have been dreaming of doing for quite some time… 😀

Well anyway, I hope you enjoy what I share with you because as I mentioned a month before, I do not really like posting my writing projects on the internet. By the way the first chapter that you see here is not the first pages of my story. I also have two prologues that I did not include here (Sorry). So, do allow me to know what you think of this story by liking and leaving a comment below. It would certainly make me very happy 🙂 So, please enjoy it and take care! Have a great weekend!

Starting Over


Mitchell and I were at the small snack shop called Amy’s Best, for lunch, that sold the best coffee and doughnuts in town. Amy’s Best has been around for a while now. It has been around for at least more than two decade. We made it our habit to buy coffee and especially chocolate doughnuts there at least once or twice a week after completing our rounds of patrol duty. Today we were speaking to Amy Elizabeth, who is the owner, about juvenile delinquency.  

“My dear gawd! The youths of today are getting worse day by day. ‘Bout all of dem don’t have any manners.” Mrs. Elizabeth began. Amy was a sweet and kind old woman who would help anyone in need. She was selfless. She cared more about others than she did for herself.

Ha, tell us about it. We see that kind of behaviour on the streets almost every day. Most of the time we wonder where are the parents? Who takes care of these kids?” I answered in return. I just absolutely enjoyed talking to this old woman. She was almost like a second mother to me.

“Nowadays the parents don’t take care of their children anymore. I doubt they even care. If they didn’t want any chil’ren and the responsibilities that they come with then… DON’T HAVE ANY. Or put them up for adoption. There are probably other families who’d just love to have their child ‘cause either they can’t have their own or for some other reason. The world would be a much better and happier place if they did.” Ms. Amy went on a full scale rant. Once she begins to rant there was no stopping her. The thing that fascinates me the most was whenever she rants she starts out nice and calm. But once she gets into her speech she speeds up to full throttle. At that point she’s unstoppable. Yet no matter how fasts she speaks during her rants not once have I heard her stumble over her words.

“Just last week a young boy comes in all macho thinkin’ he’s a man and everything when he could barely pronounce his words properly. But that wasn’t the problem but he couldn’t even say a simple ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ when I gave him the doughnut. And he just walks out. Lucky thing he paid, because if he didn’t I would’ve chased him down with a frying pan.” She joked shaking her head full of snow white curls.

“Now, now, Ms. Amy! Don’t get yourself into any trouble. I don’t want my favourite lady to be taken in,” Mitchell smiled.  She herself had three kids of her own. Mitchell and I both knew them. They were great respectable kids, raised by a sweet and respectable mother. Just then Mitchell’s police radio went off.

“Excuse me ladies” he said before leaving the building to answer it while Mrs. Elizabeth and I continued talking. A few minutes later Mitchell returned his smiling face now replaced with a serious one. Which meant something was up and it was time to get back to work.

“Sorry Mrs. Bet but we gotta cut our conversation a little short today. It’s time to get back. But don’t worry we’ll come back hopefully later in the week.” Mitchell said as he gobbled up his half eaten doughnut and coffee before heading towards the door.

“Oh I’m not worried,” she replied with a wave of her hand, “‘Cause you two are my favourite customers. You’re always coming to visit me and keeping me company.  You’re someone an old lady like me can depend on.”

“Ah Mrs. Bet you’re not old. Actually you’re getting more and more beautiful everyday” Mitchell quipped winking at her with a big grin on his face.

“Oh my! Why thank you Mitchell, my dear. I’d never thought you’d notice.” She said raising a hand in front of her mouth. “Why, you’re becoming quite the sweet talker young man. I’d be careful if I were you Tara. He’s getting REAL good.”

“I will Mrs. Elizabeth. See you Next time.” I said before also taking my leave.

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