Why are some black people hating on their own skin colour?

Hello! How y’all doin’? Today is my Opinion Wednesdays yet again! And today I wanted to talk about some black people who make the decision to use whitening creams. I came across a video on Facebook a couple of days ago and I cannot say that I was surprised that people are using whitening creams to become white or fairer. I’m just a little surprised that they truly believe that their darker skin has anything to do with their self worth and if they are aware of how much money they are practically pouring down the drain for a product that will not even make them permanently white or fairer? Don’t they realise that no matter how many times they apply these products on their skin they will still FOREVER be black because once they stop using these products they will return to their original colour! So Why!

What do you think? When I come across things like this it baffles me even though I was already aware that such things occur in the black community/ race and other races as well, where black people are hating on their own skin colour and others darker than they are. Growing up as a young child and teenager I used to love sitting in the sun because I liked how nice it felt on my skin, It was very warm and comforting. However, I was told over and over again by black people like myself that if ‘I don’t think I am black enough and I should try to get out of the sun‘.

Although in the beginning I most of the time ignored such comments but are you serious! Why is it such an insult when someone is darker? It is not hurting anyone, so why do people feel the need to make such comments and have such a mentality? I even for a very short period of time started to stay out of the sun because I was afraid of getting too dark and being made fun of and called charcoal by other teenagers in school. However, in the end though I started loving myself and my skin more and decided not to care anymore of what others say about me. I just wanted to live my life! Nobody has time for such petty things as that!

For people to hate their skin so much that they need to bleach their skin to be satisfied with themselves is just sad! Even if the product does make them appear lighter, they practically look like ghosts with such ashen skin! And they think THAT looks good!? I think they should take another look in the mirror.

However, you cannot blame these people because many people around the world have this ‘white is right‘ mentality. It is especially quite prevalent in the fashion and entertainment industry. How many black talents and celebrities have gone into these industries and have ended up becoming a couple of shades lighter compared to when they first started out. When will the day come where we will all be able to openly embrace each other instead of judging and finding fault in everything about a person? Maybe never…

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