I’ll be Speaking on the Chocolate City Radio again!

Hello people of the world! Lol. I am writing today because yesterday I did not have the time to write anything because I finished my internship pretty late traveled back home from Amsterdam with transportation. Then my roommate had Norwegian family friends visiting the house to who I spoke to for quite some time before they left and later ate some food. By the time I’m done I had totally forgot to write a post. Sorry, Gomen de (ごめんで)…

Anyway, last week Saturday I mentioned that there was currently a DC Pearls nomination competition for Most Outstanding DC Pearl. I am one of the Nominees and was nominated for the category Literature and Arts. I just wanted to inform you all that on November 2nd, next week Monday, I will be having another (mini) radio interview at Chocolate City (like the interview I did in mid-June with regards to the publications of my poetry book, I’m Only Human). This time it will only be for 30 minutes long. So it will not be as long as the last time. However I do hope that you all tune in at www.stanvasteradio.nl or http://tunein.com/radio/Radio-Stanvaste-1079-s99005/.

Today the DC Pearls coordinators have uploaded the nominees bios to the website for voters to read and gain more information about the nominees taking part in the competition. So please don’t forget to check it out and vote for me, Angie Ignacio, by going to the website www.dcpearls.nl

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