Martin Shkreli is the True Definition of a Douche-bag and Jerk?

Hello all! Today is my Opinion Wednesdays and I came across an article from BuzzFeed earlier this week, that talked about a man named Martin Shkreli, who’s company bought over the rights to a life saving drug, Daraprim. After buying the rights to the drug for 55 Million dollars he thought that it would be such a great idea to hike up the price of this drug from $13.50 to $750 per pill. This drug is not only used to treat AIDS and cancer patients, but it is also listed as “one of the most important medications needed for basic health systems by the World Health Organisation.”

And he decides to raise the price to such an almost impossible price and has the gall to make the excuse that he needs to make profit and that it is business? What a load of crock! He will be able to get all that money back in no time and even more, but oh no! He has to make people whose lives depend on this drug, miserable for his arrogance and greed.

I detest people like him who claim in the beginning that they are trying to help people who are facing life-threatening diseases/ illnesses and reduce their suffering, but once they get rich and are in a position where they can help their ego soars and they become arrogant, greedy bastards!

Did he seriously have to raise the price so high!? What if he or one of his own family members were diagnosed with the same life threatening disease? I am sure that he would want someone to help him or his family and not have to pay literally a two arms, two legs and a kidney to be able to get even one pill! From what I can see only very rich people would have been able to purchase this drug because a regular middle class person and lower would probably be broke be the end of the week! Only after getting a lot of backlash and outrage from the general public did he decide on lowering the price again but God only knows by how much.

Anyway, here is the link if you would like to see the article.

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