I’m currently watching Tenshi na Konamaiki (Cheeky Angel)

Hello everyone! How did you all spend your weekend? Today is my Things that I like/ What I am doing with my life Sundays. I just wanted to mention that I am currently watching an anime called Tenshi na Konamaiki. I have been on a roll of watching all kinds of anime, from Ushio to Tora ( older and newer version of the anime), Death Note, and Bakuman although I am also currently watching this anime too alongside Tenshi na Konamaiki.

Anyway, Tenshi na Konamaiki is basically an anime about a 9 year old boy, Megumi, who acquires a mysterious and magical book from a man he saves. The boy is a little injured and his blood touches the book which to the boy and his best friend’s (a girl) surprise a genie (but it looks more like a clown) comes out inquiring what the boy wishes for. This boy wishes to become more manly, ‘A man within a man and the manliest man in the world’. However, the genie is quite evil and has a twisted sense of humour. Instead of turning the boy into a manly man he turns the boy into the most beautiful girl instead.

So as you can tell it might seem like of a strange anime at first but it is quite comedic. I became somewhat interested in it after reading the description and decided to watch it because I was really curious of how this boy who gets turned into a girl will react and behave in this situation considering how in society men and women both have their own set of unwritten rules they must follow. Although, personally I’ve never gotten any of those memos so I do not truly understand what it means to be a girl/ women according to society’s standards. I just live my life by my own merits and morals not by society’s.

Anyway, as you could imagine the boy, now turned girl, is very rambunctious, loud, speaks rudely, gets into trouble a lot, fights with other male characters and is barely feminine enough to be counted as girlish but yet still attracts the opposite sex because of ‘her’ undeniable beauty. Other characters such as her best friend and other male characters ask and wonder why she doesn’t try to act more like a girl and try dating boys etc. There were a few things I disliked about the anime which were basically portraying a message that a girl must act this and that way to be accepted and be considered feminine. If any female veered off this path than she would be considered weird, most likely not be accepted by others and would not be considered attractive by men (after they showed their true spots). These things seriously ticked me off because from what they are portraying I am also not normal and in no sense of the word feminine or girlish enough. Maybe I am also a male born in a female’s body but don’t have any recollection of it, lol. 😛

For example, in the anime there were a lot of douche bag men who tried sexually harassing or assaulting the girls and what the female characters in the anime implied is that it was perfectly okay to run away and scream until you found yourself a male saviour, even if you are fully capable of defending yourself. Another example is in the beginning of the anime Megumi  does not go on dates with anyone but was asked by ‘her’ female classmates why that was the case and that she should try getting a boyfriend. In my  personal opinion, they were basically implying that every girl’s constant dream is to have a boyfriend or marry, which isn’t the case for many girls and women. In addition, it also implied that if a girl was not thinking of dating or clinging on the arm of some male, especially when she was a beauty, than something had to be wrong with them. Uggghh!!!!

The comedy in the anime saves it, for if it were not for that I don’t think I would continue it. The comedy and my curiosity of what happens next is what allows me to continue this anime. I am not saying that it is a bad anime because it is not. It is just that I do not like its portrayal of how a girl or woman should act, talk, and look. It just gets really annoying ever time I see these sorts of messages being send out in the media and practically force fed to girls and women around the world who in most cases believe this non-sense .

2 thoughts on “I’m currently watching Tenshi na Konamaiki (Cheeky Angel)

  1. You should keep in mind that this is about the Japanese culture, it’s not saying that it’s addressing what all girls around the world should be like, but in Japanese culture there is still that stigma that they should be the perfect girly girl.

    Now, as for the anime itself I absolutely love it. The comedy is so great and the fact that Megumi just cheerfully shouts out “I did it!” whenever she beats up a boy is hysterical. I’m not sure what about this anime is making me go back to it so often, but it’s one of my most rewatched shows. Considering it’s a 50ish episode long series and I’ve watched it 3-4 times is an accomplishment all on it’s own. And ironically I’ve been wanting to rewatch it for a while now. Also, Genzo is one of my all time favorite anime characters, also played by one of my all time favorite japanese voice actor, and how the series ends is on a really sweet and satisfying note. Thank you for making me feel nostalgic 😀

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    • Yes I am aware of the Japanese culture. After watching so many animes I do understand that but it still ticks me off because in most countries/ societies, girls are expected to act and behave in this way to please others instead of themselves. Not that I have a problem with Japan or anything. I actually love it and want to live there for a little while in the future if I ever get the chance and currently I am learning the Japanese language but it still annoys me when I see things like this.

      But indeed it is really a nice anime excluding the stereotypical parts of how a girl is suppose to act. I also like Genzo. That idiot, lol. I also like the serious guy who can’t make any jokes, koboyashi. But he is very funny in his own little way. Mu favourite chracter besides Genzo is Fujiko, the always average and unlucky guy. he’s also quite funny.


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