I am a DC Pearls Nominee!

Hello everyone! Although, it is no longer Friday, I would like to share some news with you, my blog followers and readers. I have been nominated for the Dutch Caribbean Pearls an event organised for Dutch Caribbean students or professionals who have achieved something while living in the Netherlands after leaving our homes in the Caribbean.

There are 7 Categories and they are: 1. Student, 2. Literature and Arts, 3. Music and Entertainment, 4. Science, 5. Sports, 6. Entrepreneurship, and 7. Socially. I was nominated in the category of Literature and Arts because I published my first mini- (poetry) book, I’m Only Human, earlier this year and that is seen as an achievement as a young adult coming from the Dutch islands.

The polls were officially opened on Wednesday evening and the voting has already begun! I would be so very happy and grateful if you could go to the website, DC Pearls, to vote for Angie Ignacio! In the picture above I am on the first row second to the last and in a black in white image. I need as many votes as poosible. So, it would definitely mean a lot if you voted for me. From now on I’ll try my best to keep you all posted and up-to-date as to what is happening.

There will also be a DC Pearl Gala event on November 7th 2015 to name the winner for Most Outstanding Pearl according to the results of the votes. In addition, there will be winners chosen by judges for each category mentioned prior.

I am actually quite excited because this is the first time I have been nominated for anything and am participating in such activities. So, indeed it would make me ecstatic if you voted for me! So please show your love by going to the polls to vote! 😉 Take care and please enjoy your weekend!

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