Thank you all!

Hello,all of you lovely people. Today is my Writing Related Fridays and this post will be a brief one. First of all, I am proud and ecstatic to say that after about a little over 5 months of starting my very first official blog, I received a notification a few days ago informing me that my blog managed to make the 100 mark of 100 likes. Although to others it may seem small but I am so happy and grateful to my readers and followers because without you all coming back to read my postings I doubt that I would have made it to 5 months, lol. So thank you for continuing to visit my blog and reading my written work and my opinions etc.

Although I do wish that you all would comment some more on my posts. I would greatly appreciate that because I love hearing from my readers and hearing their thoughts on my posts and writing. It is actually quite encouraging to see your comments.Spike

Also, I would like to mention that for the last few weeks I have been gaining a lot of views more than usual. Although my website is nowhere near popular or even well known but it still makes me very happy when I see things like this. It encourages me to write more; to try to be consistent in my writing for you, my audience and readers; and it surely motivates me to write good content. SO, today I am just going to send a big thank you out to my readers and followers and hope that you all continue to follow my blog in the future.

Furthermore, I would like to remind you all to please visit my GoFundMe page to help support me with publishing my projects. For more information regarding this please visit Take care and have a nice day and weekend!

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