People should learn to appreciate what they were born with!

Bon nochi (papiamento = good night) everyone! I hope you are enjoying your week and continue to enjoy it. Today as most of you already may know is my Opinion Wednesdays where I just like to choose a subject that has somewhat interested, annoyed, saddened, and encouraged me and I state my opinion. Well today I would like to talk about how people should appreciate with what they were born with because you hear too many people talking about getting plastic surgery here, getting Botox there, getting liposuction down there, getting breast enhancements etc. And the list goes on.

Why are people so dissatisfied with themselves? God made us all uniquely beautiful and different but yet we always want to change our looks to look like someone else. People who have straight hair want curls and people who have curls want  theirs straight; There are people whose body have natural curves but they do not like it and choose to change themsleves while there are those who do not have any curves and desire it; Furthermore, people who have big/ huge breasts dislike theirs and go for breast reduction while there are others who have smaller breasts and desire big/ huge ones; Not forgetting that there are some (black/ dark skinned) people who dislike their darkness and use skin whitening creams in order to get lighter while a white and pale person goes  sunbathing to get tanner or darker. Can people never be happy with what they have?

The reason why I decided to give my opinion on this topic is because I came across a website that talks about and shares a video of how a laboratory in Russia had ‘invented’ a technique to peel the black skin off of a black people. Are you kidding me? To think that people are so dissatisfied with their blackness that they would literally go as far as to peel their blackness off? Now that is something that you do not hear every day. I think a person must have to have very, very low self esteem and self confidence to do something such as this.

Also, according to the video over 200 black persons living in Russia have already underwent this treatment because they think that maybe it might help them to fit in better with the rest of society if they have the same skin colour as everyone else. How ridiculous is that?! So far it seems to not be a hoax but I am not sure. I guess we will see when the truth comes out, although God only knows when that will be.

God made us all different and unique but yet some of us are still following this so called ‘beauty standard’. Even though beauty standards have changed and continue to change throughout the years and also every country has their own kind of beauty standard, so why are people so hell bent on following a beauty standard(s) that is likely to change in a few years time? If everyone was made to look and act the same way I can imagine how incredibly boring this world would have been.

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