The world has become such a superficial and fickle place…

Hello everyone. How is everyone today? I am doing alright. I do not have much of anything to complain about. The last half of today I finally started my first day of my placement for my final year of college at a company called Spotzer Media. I will be their Social Media Intern until the next six months. I had school in the morning and later caught the train and went directly to my job from two until a little after 5.30 pm. I’ll be working Thursday and Friday as well and trying to finish some of my assignments. So my work is sort of cut out for me. We’ll see how everything goes.

Anyway, today is my Opinion Wednesdays and I wanted to talk about a video I saw on Facebook of Cristiano Ronaldo being dressed as a homeless man while playing soccer in the streets of Barcelona. Please watch the video below.

So after watching this video I thought it was nice that even though Cristiano Ronaldo was on the streets pretty much playing ball all by himself, despite trying to get others to play but being turned down, to the very end he was still nonetheless very enthusiastic and playful. For all I know that may have been all an act. It may have been a pretense, because it seems this video was made as a marketing tool to market the headphones at the end of this video. Anyway, if you think about it who wants to be ignored by almost everyone around you when you are trying to converse and interact with them etc. I probably would have already given up a long time ago if it were me, lol. However, this blog post is not about about how he was mostly ignored but WHY he was being ignored. The answer I am sure you all may be able to guess correctly why. It is because he was dressed as a homeless man.

Yes, we as a society has shunned the homeless and poor man. Not giving them much thought and sometimes they are even treated less than human beings because of their circumstances. However, note how when Cristiano Ronaldo was taking off his disguise how everyone’s demeanor towards him changed and how they flocked toward him afterwards. In no time their was a mob of people trying to take pictures of him because they recognised he was a celebrity. BECAUSE he has money, fame, good looks and popularity. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. They flock to him and they throw themselves at him but no one gave him the time of day when he was a homeless man, now did they? How many times have this same exact thing happened to a homeless person but most of these incidence are not caught on camera.

A lot of people blame the poor person for being in the situation they are in, usually blaming them for drug use, without trying to find out how they got in that situation in the first place. I have met and spoken to a few homeless people who have never used any drugs and tried looking for work to support themselves just to find themselves homeless and on the streets. Besides, as they saying goes when it rain it pours. When one thing goes wrong than everything else has to go wrong too. I say that from personal experience.

I have seen many people right here in the Netherlands pass the homeless person when they ask for only one euro or even fifty cents. Or they look the person straight in the face to tell them they do not have any coins or sometimes they do not even give any excuse, they just say no. Many times I have stood and watched some of these same people who are too into themselves to try helping a fellow human being but expect to be helped when they are in need of it. Usually I watch for 10, 15 or even 20 minutes of how people ignore these homeless people who have nothing but the clothes on their back and when I can take it no more I give them the little change I have in my pockets or pin a little money out of my bank account to give them. It’s just ends up becoming too depressing for me to watch after a while. And people can try to call me stupid but I do not care. I refuse to become a heartless and uncaring human being because I was not brought up that way.

Nowadays everyone is in their own little bubble and do not have the time or simply do not care because it has nothing to do with them. However, people forget that they can also fall in that same situation any time. It is just that no one ever wants to think such things can befall them, until it does and they find themselves getting deeper and deeper with no way to get back out.

Anyway, I am curious to know how many people fling themselves at the feet of celebrities and wealthy individuals claiming to ‘love them‘ when they also do not know much of anything about them other than what they see and hear on the media? I am not saying that it is wrong to be a fan of a celebrity but don’t try ignoring the homeless and poor either just because they do not meet the superficial standards of our society. When I look on the internet and through social media I see this superficiality and fickleness every day being displayed and it sometimes disgusts me because a lot of people do not see that and just play into it. Everyone is wearing a fake mask.

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