Durian, the ‘Asian’ Fruit…

Hello everyone. Today is my Opinion Wednesdays and I was just wondering how you all are today? I sort of am in an annoyed but amazed mood right now and it has been that way ever since last week because of something I came across and which is topic of today’s post.

Last week Thursday I watched a BuzzFeed video (I sometimes like watching their videos) on Facebook about people who for the first time were trying the Durian fruit, a South East Asian fruit that is said to be quite well known for its horrible smell and taste.BuzzFeed video, Durian

Well, I have no qualms with the video at all whatsoever. What I saw in the comment section ( I always like reading the comment section for some reason) is the thing that annoyed and shocked me. Someone (an Asian guy) wrote in the comment section saying and I have copied his comment word for word, “Fuck the Asian girl in this Video. Bitch that’s your own fruit. Why you gotta act like that?” ………….

And the amazing part is not even really what he said but that 2891 people agreed with him and liked his comment. His commented garnered close to 300 comments most of which were hateful and derogatory comments about this Asian woman who has never in her a life tasted a Durian but ‘Oh, she was suppose to like it because she’s Asian and it’s her fruit’. The stupidity in some of the comments were so profound it left me speechless for quite some time. And yes most of those hateful comments were written by other Asians. A lot of the comments were saying that she was over-exaggerating and that she knew she liked the fruit. Someone even wrote that she was just acting and there was no way that she who is Asian never ate Durian and that her family must have had some point in her life bought it to eat.

There are some things in my home country that even I have not eaten or some local Saban dishes that I do not like. So does that not make me Saban? Also, for all they know she probably has never even stepped a foot in any Asian country before because she was probably born and raised in another country and acquired their culture, rituals and way of life. So how the heck is she suppose to appreciate, embrace and like something she does not know? Besides people will like what they like. As simple as that.


People are seriously ridiculous. This is why I sometimes am ashamed of the human race. This is because despite all of the knowledge we have acquired during the years, we are still as stupid as ever and hate on one another for being different!

‘How dare she! She is of Asian descent but dislikes the Durian fruit?!… She is a traitor to her race because she is trying to act white!’ I am kind of sick of hearing such things as well, that it has become tiring. I have been called Oreo a few time in my life too because apparently I ‘act’ white. According to how they say black on the outside and white on the inside. Although, what the heck does acting white or black even mean? Is it because I like some Asian music or is it the way I talk or the way I dress or is it that I find some Asian men attractive? I’ve also been told a few times by someone I know that I was the blackest Asian/ Japanese person they have met just because I like watching anime and reading manga. However, does race or colour have anything to do with your personality, the things you like or the way you have been brought up? Sure, some groups of people can share similar traits and characteristics, but they are not all going to like, dislike, do  and say the same thing. Everyone is different and will ultimately like different things in the end, that does not fit the stereotypes given to each race due to ignorance. Good Lord!

And here I thought Asians were stereotyped to be an intelligent race but I guess not all of them are after all.

Anyway, if you would like to view the video (or comments) you will be able to find it here.

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