Enlighten Me

Hello everyone! How are you all? Today is my Things that I Like and What I’m Doing with My Life Sundays. Below is the song that I promised on Friday that I would post once the song has been recorded properly. I hope you enjoy this song because it took a lot of time and effort to make.

This song was a collaboration done by yours truly Angie Ignacio (the lyrics writer), Milko Lippe (the wannabe musician 😛 ) and Luc Ket (The opera singer I spoke about in my last blog post).

Each one of us equally had a role to play when making this song. It would not have even existed if Milko did not make the music, Luc would not have anything to sing if I did not make the lyrics and this song would not be an actual song if we did not have Luc to sing the lyrics. We all have our own talents and we made use of them to create this song. I really do hope you enjoy it. This is the fruit of our labour *Laughs*.

If you liked this song please like, comment and share it around. By the way, the million dollar question I would like to ask is, how high would you rate this song? Please let me know in the comment section below, thank you very much. See you all next time! 😀

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