Today was a Wonderful Day!

Hello readers and followers! Although, today has not quite ended as yet, I have to say that it was a great day today! Well at least the evening was a really great part of my day 😀

Anyway, I am living with a good fiend of mine and he invited one of his friends over, a young opera singer called Luc, and we hit it off quite well considering it was our first time meeting. She recently graduated with her bachelors degree in Oprah singing at a Conservatorium (School of the Arts) in Rotterdam. She has really nice and strong vocals. I really like her voice.

Anyway, the friend I am currently living with is the type of person that loves almost any and everything related to music. He has a collection of musical instruments such as a drum set, both acoustic and electric guitars etc. as well as a loop pedal, a recording system, and microphones etc.So you can almost say that he is a music geek.

When he was younger he pretty much taught himself how to play some instruments and around the age of 14 he came up with a song on his guitar. For many years he has wanted to put lyrics to the song but never got around to doing it or getting someone to do it for him. When I met him and he found out that I write poetry and also write my own music lyrics (without any actual music) we thought that it would be great to maybe some day exchange ideas and write music together.

Well, it took quite a while to get to doing it, but since returning from my summer vacation, he started playing this song again using his different instruments and recording it on his recording system. So I finally decided that I wanted to put lyrics to his music. I wrote the lyrics a few weeks ago and for the first time today I had someone, the opera singer Luc, sing the lyrics that I wrote! I would have liked singing it myself though, lol 😛 , but the end result was pretty nice. It was both an exciting and nervous feeling to be honest. To finally have some actual music alongside my written lyrics. My friend also did not even see or hear the lyrics I wrote up until today. So it was new for him too, to finally have lyrics to his music. So you can say we were both ecstatic and happy about what happened today.

From the first time he played the song for me I felt like I really had a connection with it and the music touched me emotionally somehow. To have finally written the lyrics to his song is a very satisfying feeling I must say. It took me a while though, to get everything near perfect but it still worked out fine. So I am quite happy! Now that he finally has lyrics to his song I wonder what will he do? If I get the chance I might even post the song here so that you all may hear it as well. We will see.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my wonderful day with you all and hope to see you next time!

2 thoughts on “Today was a Wonderful Day!

  1. great story. You know, I’ve been having a great day as well and reading this uplifted me even more. Just hearing such inspiring news brightened my day a bit more.


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