Going to college vs. Not going to college

Hello readers and followers. I messed up again. I did not post anything on Sunday and I forgot to post as well as fell asleep on Wednesday again. Sunday I did not know what I should write, so I decided not write anything. For some reason I have fell out of my rhythm of writing regularly and it is proving a little difficult to get back into it. And being in my final year of college does not really help either. Oh well…

Anyway, today I will be making a blog post in place of yesterday which was supposed to be my Opinion Wednesdays and I wanted to touch on the subject if people should go to college or not. This question could sometimes be a very difficult question for some or it could be a very easy question to answer for others. I wanted to touch on this subject because some weeks ago I was having a Whats-app conversation with someone and they stopped going to college. She felt like college was not for her but still felt embarrassed and somewhat ashamed that she dropped out because people will most likely judge her for her decision. I still commend her for her attempt to try though. I can imagine that decision to stop might have been a difficult one especially because of the social pressures involved.

off to collegeMy take on the matter is that some people already know from the very beginning that they either want to go to college or not and others take a while to find out that answer. Some people are just made for school and some are not made for it. It does not make one smarter than the other. It is basically the same as saying that all persons who have beautiful singing voices should become singers or all persons  who can dance should become dancers. Some either want to and others don’t because they know from the beginning it is not for them.

Sure, college equips you with certain knowledge and skills that will help you in your future profession, but even so, you still need on the job working experience. And a lot of the time things do not go in that order. Some people could be very intelligent but they just do not want to go to college or feel that it may not be the right choice for them.

college_life_is_not_what_you_seem_by_suzumenekochan-d6lm8mtI knew from a very young age that I wanted to go to college because I saw myself doing great things with my life in the future. And I believed to achieve that I needed to leave my home, Saba, and go to college and experience the world because what I truly wanted to achieve I would probably not be able to achieve it on Saba. And I am truly happy that I left because I got to see, feel, learn and experience new things. If I did not leave Saba to study in the Netherlands I do not think I would understand and know all of the things I know now. I probably would have not published my first poetry book; I probably would have not learnt to use some of the computer softwares I know now; I would not have created my own blog and I probably would have never become interested in learning the Japanese language. Also I probably would not have gained some of the confidence I was lacking back on Saba. A lot of good things has happened since coming to the Netherlands to study but believe me many times I wanted to quit as well. However, in the end still decided to continue this stressful journey because I made it too far to stop now. Besides, I always think back on the true reason why I left Saba to go and study.

why-should-i-go-to-college-comic-1However, those are my experiences. Just because my experiences were great does not mean it will be good for someone else. Not everyone is going to be made for college. Furthermore, just because a person does not have a degree does not mean they are stupid and will only be reserved to hard working jobs with low pay and a job that nobody wants. I have met a number of people who have never set a foot in a college classroom but have good paying jobs and are quite intelligent. One example being an IT worker in my previous internship at LeasPlan who never went to college but he was working as an IT technician at such a huge company. So it is not good to judge a book by its cover, or in this case by its degree. Also, do not be ignorant to think that just because you have a degree that you will get a job you studied for. Many people, though they have a degree(s), end up never going into the field they studied for. You can try but you never know what the future holds.

college-student-debtIt is great to encourage people to further their education in a nice and respectable manner but people should not be forced to do something they are not made for. It is almost like making an actor write a book, or vice versa, when that is not something they can or want to do. I believe people should choose their own paths without getting harsh criticism and judgement from society that know nothing of their struggles. Not forgetting the financial burden that comes with going to college before, during and after you have graduated.

So as great as it sounds to say that you have completed your college degree, some people have their own reasons for not going and we should not force and pressure them but respect their decision. It would just make them miserable and who wants to be miserable?

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