Hello everyone. Today is my Writing Related Fridays and so I would like to share with you all a poem called Contradictions which is another poem, like my poem Wounded, that was not taken from my poetry book I’m Only Human.

I wrote this some months back and was thinking that some point in our lives we all contradict ourselves do we not? Sometimes do you not find you are contradicting yourself? Having two beliefs or doing and saying two different things that contradicts what you just did and said before?… So far I have not read a poem that talks about contradictions. so I decided to write it myself. 😛


As we cradle our many precious wounds and scars,

We continue looking up for help in the eyes of a stranger,

Yet at the same time we reject and dismiss,

Reject and dismiss,

Reject and dismiss again…

We agree and then contradict ourselves,

Not knowing what we truly want in our feeble hearts,

Fighting all our battles alone,

But at the same time aimlessly searching for our saviours without shame,

The scars on our bodies,

The (pain and) hurt in our hearts,

They can only be healed with the dreary passage of time,

And the abundant hands of support that come along our cobble stoned path.

By Angie Ignacio

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