Stop blaming because we should ALL try to help!

RefugeesHello everyone! My readers and followers thank you for continuing to follow a silly person like me, lol. Actually, I was so sleepy that I fell asleep earlier and just woke back up a few moments ago in the early hours of the morning because I just remembered I did not make a blog post as yet. 😛 Oh dear me…

Anyway, this is my Opinion Wednesdays blog post (although it is no longer Wednesday 😛 ) and I would just like to take note of the serious cases of refugees trying to cross many country borders in Europe to get out of their difficult living situations in their own country. I can imagine how difficult it must be for them and not being allowed to get in. It must be so difficult for them leaving their home, travelling so many miles and many times on foot and risking death all for the sole purpose of getting into a country that will allow them to lead better lives, only to be refused and shut out. I feel so bad for those poor people but have no means of helping them myself so I can only pray for them.

Also, I can also partially understand the European countries stance as well, that they are trying to limit the amount of refugees coming into their country. This is because believe it or not these countries have probably acquired a countless amount of refugees in the past that they can no longer just accept more. There are a lot of circumstances that may play a role in why these countries are not allowing refugees in. Although I personally do not agree with the method they are doing it and their treatment to these refugees who’s only fault was leaving everything behind and crossing borders in order to try having a better life in another country. For example I saw quite a tragic video where an armed military police force of Macedonia and their treatment of the refugees trying to cross the border of Hungary. They did not have to treat those people as if they were animal! It was really sad to watch.Refugees on Boat

However, the one thing that irks me a little is when some people begin to bad talk and blame Western Europe for refusing to accept any more refugees without truly knowing and understanding anything about Europe or knowing the real circumstances for refusing these refugees. Why is it only left up to Western Europe to take in these refugees? I’m pretty sure there are other countries capable of taking in these refugees. A place where the refugees could go to and lead just as great and fulfilling lives there with their family. Those same people who are blaming Europe why don’t they open their doors to the refugees as well if they really want to help? I cannot help anyone but myself in this point of my life so I’m not blaming anyone because I do not even know the whole story. We all do not know know the whole story is. There are two sides to every story. What I dislike is pretentious people making such noise but they are not doing anything about the matter themselves but yet they want to point fingers and blame others about things they do not truly know about. Of course most of us all want to help but can we help?

The same could be said for the ordeal that occurred last year where 200 African girls were kidnapped on their way to school and how such big campaigns were being held with the hashtag #bringbackougirls. How big did that get only to fizzle out and die by the end of the month and with no luck to finding the girls. And mind you these girls were being sold off as brides to any highest bidder that came along and were raped repeatedly by several men at a time every day. People point fingers and blame but at the end of the day if we are truly honest with ourselves we only care about ourselves. By the end of the day people’s first priority wasn’t really the girls going missing but themselves.

bring-back-our-girls-salma-hayek-tIn addition, many people also blamed and condemned the corrupted African government for not doing much to help find these girls. Others would argue that it is another country’s problem and their government should be handling such things but you can probably argue the same thing for the refugee case.

I just feel that some people should just remain silent and not point fingers and blame especially if they will not get off their butts and contribute to helping eliminate the cause of the problem.

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