What makes someone a good writer?

Hello everyone… I know, I know, I know! I went AWOL again. I am very sorry! Let me explain before you all attack me. On Sunday my intention was to make a blog post video summarizing my summer vacation in one minute. I underestimated the amount of time it would take me to complete it to be honest but this time it took me a lot longer to edit this video compared to any of my other videos and my other videos are much longer than this one. I’m not really sure why. I feel like I have forgotten some of my video editing skills somehow, lol. And also due to some technical difficulties I was not able to post on time on Sunday.

Then around late Monday afternoon my throat started to feel a little sore and by Tuesday I had a full blown throat inflammation. So for the past few days I felt like I was just about ready to kick the bucket. This was because I could barely swallow much less eat anything. I still tried though but it was too painful. I had a pretty high fever, my body was aching all over and for some time my head felt like a bobble-head because my neck also hurt and felt like it couldn’t support my big head anymore, lol. So for the past few days I have been mostly reserved to my bed, although I still went to school despite my condition because it was my first week of school after all! I didn’t want to miss any important information since this is also my last year of college as well. So I must be extra attentive now. So as you can imagine it was not a great week for me considering the way I was feeling. Actually, today is the first day since I became sick that I am not in pain and the swelling in my throat has gone down quite considerably. First week back in the Netherlands and I get sick. Arghh!

Anyway… Since today is my Writing Related Fridays I wanted to talk about what exactly makes a good writer? A lot of people believe that you have to be born a writer to be able to write which I do not 100% agree with. Sure, there are very talented writers that were born to be writers and there are writers who were not born to be writers but have amazing ideas and so they practiced and worked hard at it that they later did succeed to become writers. You could say I am one of the latter. I was definitely not born as a writer. I did not really have the innate talent and skill to write.

So I do not want to sound like some expert in the field of writing because I am not one but I want to list at least four things you need to consider in order to be a writer.

  • You must somewhat enjoy reading

Reading and writing go hand in hand. Reading may sound like it’s boring but once you get into it you will find yourself in a different world because you will be so completely enraptured in the story of the book you are reading that you will no longer think that it is boring. Especially if it is an interesting book and well written. So choose your books wisely and I do not mean comics, lol. 😛 And also the more you read the more you start to recognise the writing style of different authors and you can then try to develop your own writing style in the process.

  • You must be consistent and persistent

Continue to write no matter how much you suck at it at first because at one point in time in my life I could not even dream of becoming a writer with my less than impressive writing. However, I kept at it in the privacy of my own room. And no matter how good/great of a writer you become I think you should still try improving on your writing. Even now I still make mistakes and need improvement.

  • Try improving your writing skills by learning the rules of your native language

A lot of us may think that because we are native English speakers (Or whichever language you speak) that we will not make any mistakes or we will make very little mistakes. We tend to make the most mistakes especially because we are native speakers! We sometimes tend to forget certain rules or we tend to write the way we speak which I also am guilty of and must admit to. Even now I still forget some English grammar rules etc. Just because we are a native at our language does not give us the excuse to think that we do not have to relearn the rules of our language. I think it probably makes us look foolish to others.

  • Let others read your work

Having someone you trust read your work could be very beneficial to you. This is because they can ask very important questions that could help you build on your story for a book/ novel you may be writing or improve on your poetry or they may help to point out grammar/ sentence structure mistakes that could tighten and further improve your writing.

Before I used to read my work to my parents and they thought it was nice and all but they did not really get it too much. I then selected a few people to read my work and had them tell me what they thought. And lo and behold I got asked some very important and most likely crucial questions that never even crossed my mind before until they brought it up. So wisely select people to read your work and get their opinion on it because you will get some very helpful tips and get asked some interesting questions that may never have crossed your mind.

Well anyway, that is just my two cents on the matter.

Furthermore, I will parrot this over and over again until someone comes along willing to help support and sponsor me. I am trying to publish a children’s picture book and am in need of some help with funding and support. So I have set up a go fund me account describing what I intend to do and why I am publishing this picture book. Dear readers and followers please support me and help me with publishing my picture book by donating or sponsoring me on: gofund.me/angiespicturebook.

I hope everyone had a great week and you all will have an even better weekend. Take care.

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