Catching your own food

Hello everyone! Today is Wednesday and as some of you may already know by now it is my Opinion Wednesdays. Though my WordPress account is still following Dutch time which is almost 4 in the morning, on Saba it is still minutes to 10 at night on Wednesday. Today I am writing a little late, I know, I apologise.

Anyway, in this new blog post I will be talking about catching, killing, preparing and cooking your own food. Seems strange? I know! I usually do not think too much about things like this since I also eat meat and all, but today is a little different. First of all I would like to ask: has anyone (whoever happens to be reading this blog post) caught their own food, slaughtered/ butchered it and ate it? If yes, how did you feel about it?

I mean sure, growing up I have seen my father killing several livestock, for example pigs, in our backyard and cuttng them in half to weigh them and later cutting them into smaller portions to sell the meat and put the rest f the meat in the deep freezer for a later date for our family. Although, I was pretty young, I did not really have much qualms about seeing all of this being done in front of me or even eating the meat afterwards. I still do not have any qualms about it even to this day. The only problem I believe that I faced was the fact that it sometimes would stink and a lot of flies would gather around. That’s to be expected because it’s meat. Many people may think that this is a bit weird to have your child exposed to all of this but where I come from it is pretty normal. Some people on Saba keep animals in their backyard or property, raise them and when the owners think that the livestock are ready to be slaughtered, they butchered it to sell the meat or feed their family. It is just our way of life for some. I am not implying that everyone on Saba does this. Of course not! Only some.

Mr. Land CrabAnyway, the point I am trying to make is that on early Saturday morning my brother caught a land crab and I’ve wanted to catch and eat one for the longest while. Problem is that in the past I have never in my life caught my own crabs (or any other animal for that matter except for goats) or did the deed of putting it in the pot to cook it. I am always there to eat though, lol. 😛 I pretty much have always been the onlooker and eater, never the doer (Pretty priviledged. I know). I was never the person to actually do any of the deeds.

When catching a land crab we let them sit in a bucket for a few days to a week in order to purge it before cooking it because in the wild crabs eat about any and everything. So you can imagine how disgusting that is. So for the past few days I fed it grass so it would not die on me and that it would get purged. Today I finally decided to cook it. (Mind you, I have wanted to catch and eat a land crab even before the moment I set foot on Saba. So I was pretty excited.) Since, I was a little too scared to touch the crab, because of its viscous biters, I got help from my father who helped me to put it into the boiling water the same way you would cook a lobster.

I ate the crab after cooking it, but because I was an accomplice in actually killing the poor creature I was not able to enjoy it fully as I usually did as the onlooker and eater. Do not get me wrong, it still tasted great and all and I have no intention of becoming a vegetarian because of this little experience but it just got me thinking a little. I can now partly understand how vegetarians think a little although I refuse to become vegetarian myself. I truly wonder how most people of today who have never stepped a foot out of their homes to hunt and kill for their own food would fare? We (meaning the western society) have such a priviledged life where all we have to do is go to the shop and buy pre-packaged meat with barely any sight of blood, cook it and eat it. It is that easy. I wounder if it would be that simple if we had to do the hunting ourselves? #Foodforthought.

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