Go Fund Me!

gofundmeHello everyone, my precious followers and readers. Como estas con ustedes? I am in a much better mood today than I have been in the past few days. I hope you all are also doing well.

Anyway, do you remember me mentioning last week Friday that I was starting a new children’s picture book project? Well, today I made a GoFundMe account in order to be able to get some help with funds in order to publish a few of them.

Self-publishing just one single book sometimes require a lot of money, imagine publishing a series of books. So, for those of you who may feel my publishing a children’s picture book series is worthwhile than please do help donate so that you may be able to see the end result of my work sooner rather than later. You can help with however much you can. Indeed, every cent counts. I would be eternally grateful and will make sure to try to keep you all updated on the progress. If you would like to get more details about what my project entails please follow the link here: http://www.gofundme.com/ta9vnhbn.

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