Cecil the hunted lion and the burned Palestinian baby

Cecil-the-Lion-640x640Hello, everyone! Today is my Opinion Wednesdays and today I will be talking about the 13 year old Zimbabwean African Lion the was lured out of it’s home, the Zimbabwean National Park, and killed making it into international news; and the not so talked about news about the Palestinian baby who was burned alive by Israeli leaders.

As I can imagine almost everyone around the world now knows of the happenings of Cecil the lion where he was shot with an arrow, left to suffer for 40 hours and was then later killed and shot dead by the American Dentist, Walter Palmer, in early July.

cecil-lion-protestI browsed the comment section of almost all the news site that I viewed talking about Cecil the Lion’s death. That is something that I usually do before reading the news article so I can see the reactions of some of the commenters. As I would expect everyone was up in arms about the matter and admittedly, so was I. It just disgusts me when I see people hunt and hurt animals like it is nothing, making the animal suffer for no apparent reason other than for sport. Animals may not be able to talk and may live in the wild but they have feelings too! They hurt and feel pain just the same as way we do. I would understand if you may be hunting to feed your family but to kill for sport just disgusts me. And there was no reason for that dentist to go and lure out a protected lion to kill it. It is shameful. Sometimes I am so ashamed to be part of the human race because we mostly only know how to destroy and harm things.

Burnt babyAnyway for some time I could understand why people were so up in arms about it. On the other hand though, that same week the burning of a Palestinian baby was supposedly broadcasted but it did not go as viral as the news of Cecil did. Are you kidding me a BABY of 18 months gets burned to death alive and no one hardly talks about it? Is it because it has nothing to do with America or the western world that it is apparently not news-worthy enough? I have noticed for quite some time now that anytime there has anything to do with America and its citizens or any big western country the news either get blown out of proportion or it goes viral almost immediately. However, when there is news that has nothing to do with America or any of these big western countries hardly any news coverage is given even if it is a serious story. The death of a baby being burned alive should be as shocking as the death of a famous Lion. Shouldn’t it? Even the dentist got more coverage than the baby ever did.

Burnt baby 2The same thing could be said for the case with the Je suis Charlie that went viral where almost every person was putting their Facebook and other social media statuses and pictures with this statement. I did not agree with what the magazine, Charlie, did and so I never displayed those words on any of my social media statuses. And it only created hate and fear for all Muslims although I know that only the extremists were the real culprits and not all Muslims. In fact there are some really nice and peaceful Muslims out there but of course during that time, and sometimes even now, you do not see that being broadcasted. This got people fearing all Muslims and hating them.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that most of the official leaders of different countries banded together and marched against what happened but then no one marched for the deaths of the 2000 Nigerians who died because of the Boko Haram. It was in the same week, just a few days apart from each other and hardly any news coverage was given to it compared to Je suis Charlie incident.

And my questions are: Why is the deaths and tragedies in western countries more important and news-worthy than the ones that occur in other non-western countries? Shouldn’t people be fussing and making an uproar for all news like this?

2 thoughts on “Cecil the hunted lion and the burned Palestinian baby

  1. Hi, Angie.

    I posted this one on Facebook, with the following comment:

    “What does it say about us a civilization when lots of people are talking about a dead lion killed by a jackal of a big game hunter, but very few, comparatively speaking, are discussing an 18-month-old baby boy intentionally burned to death by illegal Israeli settlers, simply for being born into a Palestinian family?”

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    • Exactly! That was my same reaction. And some people want to complain and make a controversy when black American citizens say #BlackLivesMatter by countering it and saying #AllLifeMatters when they know that is not the case at all. If life was all equal there would not be any problems and the big boys in media, sitting in their offices and companies pockets would not have as much money as they do now if indeed all lives did matter. If all lives did matter we wouldn’t have to worry about talking about such things.

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