Being Too Young vs. Being Experienced

Hello all you wonderful people! This week is Carnival week on Saba! Although it started since last week Saturday the official opening was on Monday. I’m enjoying myself and having fun over here. Are you have quite the awesome time yourself wherever you may be?

Anyway, on Monday I came across a story about two teenage boys that went missing off the Florida coast on Friday. They supposedly were out on their 19 foot boat to go fishing because they were boys who practically grew up in and around water. After two days the boat was found about 67 miles from Florida Ponce de Leon but the boys were not found and even now still remain missing. The reports also suggest that they were heading for Bahamas without their parents consent. So they felt comfortable and confident enough to go fishing on their own without parent supervision. And apparently their parents thought the same as well considering that they defended themselves from critics saying that they were knowledgeable and had enough experienced about the sea/ ocean to be able to be in the water. Well, I guess the two boys were not as knowledgeable and experienced about the sea/ ocean as the parents and others initially thought.

missing boys

Now, I am not trying to sound judgmental and bash these parents on their parenting skills because the media and strangers who do not know them, are constantly doing so as it is. But how can you as a parent let your child go out on their own without parent supervision. And I am not really talking about the boys travelling to the Bahamas but I would definitely keep an eye on my teenage child, if I had one, at all time because teenagers are mischievous and are at that age where they rebel, do not listen to what they are being told, are stubborn and want to test their parent’s/ relatives’ patience and boundaries. And especially when the sea/ ocean is concerned I would make sure that I or someone I completely trust is their to supervise what they do.

Have you ever hear of the saying ‘The sea is a traitor’? Even the best swimmer can drown and these boys are still minors, children! Just because you are great at doing something or experienced does not mean that you are invincible. Sure some teenagers may act more mature than their age and they indeed may not be mischievous but a simple task such as going fishing can turn into a major tragedy if the person were not prepared properly or have sufficient survival training in case anything did go wrong. Sure the ocean is beautiful and fishing can be nice but people must remember the sea can become a dangerous place in an instant. How many fishermen who have lived all their lives in and around the sea, fishing with their father’s etc. have been lost at sea? If they can get lost at sea what do you think of two young boys?


People might say ‘Well look at the 14 year old girl who travelled the world on her own? Age doesn’t matter’. Yes, age does matter unfortunately. And I believe at that age your brain is not even fully developed as yet. Some people say you stop growing between the ages of 21 and 25 and that does not only refer to your height alone but the entire body. That is when a person fully becomes an adult not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Also what would people say if this girl also had gotten lost at sea or got really injured or crippled etc.? They would probably be saying that she was too young to travel the world on a bout by herself and condemn the parent. This girl I would say is very, very lucky she returned safely home and also she was very well prepared unlike the two boys.

Although, it may seem hopeless after so many days have passed and there are no signs of the boys but I pray and hope that by some miracle they make it and are found alive. I can only imagine how hard it must be on their parents. And then to have people criticise them as not being good parents is like adding salt to an already opened wound. I am not saying they are bad parents. Not at all. I just think they made a grave mistake of not supervising them.

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