My Summer Vacation: Part 1

Hello everyone! Just as promised here is a blog post about my summer vacation during the short time I have been back. Again I have been having problems with my phone. When I’m trying to send photos from my phone to my computer it always gives me problems mostly because of the sucky internet connection and only when it wants to work it works. Below are just a few pictures I took that I still managed to send to my computer.

First arriving on saba

This is when I first arrived on St. Maarten and getting ready to fly over to Saba on the small Win-air planes.

Crispeen track 2Crispeen track

From the moment I came back home I’ve been walking everywhere on some of the many trails on Saba such as the Chrispeen Trail…

Dancing trail 1 Dancing trail 2

On the Dancing Trail…

Looking over The Bottom By Lambees rock monument

On the road side… 


I’ve even been waking up everyday from Monday through Friday between 6:15 and 6:30 am to get everything ready and be at work for 8. I have to get back in routine of waking up really early because almost everyone on Saba gets up early. I remember my parents waking up my brother and I even earlier, like around 5.45 in the morning to get ready for school. The school bus would pass at around 6:30 every morning to pick up students from all over the island to carry them to school that would start for 7:15.

Parents baking bread Baked bread

My father baked bread for our family. My parents used to bake bread for the island a very long time ago. I remember having to go sleep really early in the afternoon, like around 6 o’clock, so we all could wake up for 1 or 2 in the morning to start baking bread. At that time I was around 8 or 9.

Karaoke 2Karaoke

I’ve even been to Karaoke at Scouts Place every Friday night so far.

Cranberry Almod Crunch

I bought my favourite cereal. I do not like eating any other cereal but this. I can’t find it in the Netherlands so far. But even if I did find it it would be too expensive because it is an imported product and will therefore cost much more. But I’m happy now 🙂


And I ate some of my favourite Saba dishes. This is pig feet boiled or pressure cooked until soft and it is delicious!! Well, at least for me anyway.

Tourist Bureau

I have even been trying to promote my book on Saba. This is at the Tourist Bureau on Saba.

There are a lot of things I have done so far like bake brownies and make stuffed eggs to celebrate both of my parents belated birthday. I even showed them the videos I made for them while I was still in the Netherlands because they, yes, do not know how to use a computer. So it has been somewhat busy to say the least and I’m pretty much all over the place but that’s how I like it 😛

I hope you liked this late blog post. If you liked this post please like, comment and subscribe to my blog. Until next time and take care.

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