What does gender equality mean to you?

Sorry guys. Though up until now I refused to post controversial topics on my blog and tried to keep it happy and encouraging but today is a little different. I apologise for this post in advance for it will be a little on the serious side today. Some of you may agree with me and others may not. Some of my followers may continue to follow me and I may end up losing followers. And also I might end up getting some hate mail. Who knows? But I need to get this off of my chest.

Free the nipple campaignsA few days ago I came across an article about another ‘campaign’ with regards to #FreeingTheNipple where every picture of a female who is bare-chested places the nipples of their male counterpart over her own. Do you know where this is going? (Sigh)

Anyway, I cannot take such things seriously and I have to wonder to myself why would women want to free their nipples in the first place? Will it make the world a better place? Will it benefit other women’s life, education and being able to get a good job? Will it help our young children try to gain an education and better themselves in this cut-throat and dog eat dog world? Will it stop the war from occurring in many parts of the world? Will it help stop men, women and children from dying from hunger? And finally, will it truly bring about equality for both genders? In my view it doesn’t. Sorry! Instead what it does for me is aggravate me when I see women claim that they are feminists but do not do anything to promote equality for both men and women. Freeing your nipples does nothing for equal pay, equal opportunity to have an education and to work opportunity etc. What things such as this do is take away from what the founding mothers of feminism intended for women.

I seriously get so angry when I see such articles like this. Though 95% of the time I skip over such things without reading It, but this time I decided to read it to see if there was any useful information I could take from it, which of course was none. I regret reading it. For the only thing it did for me was irate me. I am a woman and I am, in some degree, a feminist. However with regards to this, I 100% refuse to agree with it or take it seriously. Thank you for the invite but I would prefer to have my nipples in my bra or under a shirt. I refuse to have Tom, Dick and Harry seeing my nipples, thank you very much. I even refuse to let other women see my breasts much less the whole internet! Yes, when I change in a female’s changing room (in the Netherlands) you betcha I am the only woman covering up myself from other women although we practically have the same things. Besides, although I don’t have any at the moment, who wants their child to see nipples and body parts all over the place and internet. If I want to see nipples and body parts I can just go to a porn site! I don’t need to see all of that on my social media. free-the-nipple

Then there is the argument that if men can show their nipples why can’t women? First of all men’s nipples have no particular function (because in the womb everyone is a female until a certain point), while women’s nipples do have a function. Second of all men are men and women are women. That’s how it is! Yes men and women should be equal with regards to health, education, job opportunities and pay, but yet we are not the same because we are different genders. One has a penis and the other a vagina. What will be next if men start showing their penises on pictures will women want to start showing their vaginas too? Give me a break! Like how my parents always like to tell me if you see someone go jump over the cliff would you jump with them too? If you want to show your nipples, good for you, but please don’t try pushing it in my face.

And  another argument that is brought up is that women are sexualized too much. Well, I’m sorry to break it to you but men are also sexualized. We all act like this does not happen but it does. Men also go through their issues as well just like women. If we are talking about equality we need to focus on both sides of the spectrum not only one. I think a guy with a tight shirt on showing their chest muscles and biceps are sexy. Does that make me a bad person as well? I too look at men sexually. I would be lying if I said I didn’t. I am also pretty sure there are many other women out there who do and think the same thing. That is because we are sexual creatures. I’m not saying that men and women should be harassing and leering at each other but I think that it is somewhat normal and natural to have an attraction to the other gender or even the same gender. Doesn’t a female peacock choose their male mate by looking at which one has the prettiest feathers?

Can we worry about some pressing matters like world peace, hunger, education, child well-fare, equal pay, abused people and people having the choice to like/ love whomever they want? I think those are more pressing matters. Having your nipples censored isn’t one of them. You might not agree with me and that’s ok too. We are all free to have opinions and to agree and disagree.

Anyway, I truly apologise for my rant but have a nice day.

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