It has been a week since I have returned home!

Konnichiha minna! Are you all doing well? I am doing okay. It has been exactly one week since I have returned back home on vacation and yes I already have a summer job and started working since last week Wednesday. It is now 10 at night (6 hours behind the Netherlands) over here and I’m trying to write a blog post about how everything has been for me in this past week, but things are not going as I want. The internet literally sucks and trying to send pictures from my photo gallery on my phone to my computer is not working all that it’s really starting to aggravate and frustrate me. I’m probably a few minutes away from flinging my phone against a wall. But I can’t because both of my parents are in bed trying to sleep.

Coconuts cut and peeled

I was, however, able to send only four pictures to myself on my computer which is such a pity because I took quite a lot of pictures on my phone during the past week.

Anyway, today I helped my father break open coconuts and helped peel them. Although I did this only once before this it is somewhat quite hard to do. This requires skill and technique which I definitely lack because I cut my fingers so many times that my hand is now sore, even though I did not do the full brunt of the work. I commend the person who is good at breaking and peeling coconuts.


In my yard we have an avocado tree that produces quite big avocados as you can see in the picture. I went to this tree today and picked some avocados for my family. Now all they need to do is ripen. I love avocado spread on a slice of bread with a sprinkle of salt. It’s so delicious!

Mammi fruit

On my trip to the avocado tree I also decided to pick some mammies (I’m not too sure the exact spelling of this fruit but oh well…) This is also quite a delicious fruit with the outside having a brownish appearance and the texture rough almost like sandpaper while the inside of this fruit is bright orange and the flesh sweet. I love the mammy jam my parents make whenever they get the chance to make it.

A baby guana

And finally this picture is of a baby iguana. There are a lot of big iguanas nearby my home and around this time you can expect to see these baby iguanas running around. Growing up I have caught my share of baby iguanas along with my brother, before letting them go afterwards.

Although I said that I would be posting a bunch of wonderful pictures the next time I made a blog post I truly apologise for this internet failure and technical problems. Next time I’ll definitely be posting a lot more. Instead I’ll leave you with this and hope you enjoyed reading it. If you liked this post please like, comment and share. And don’t forget to follow my blog! Have a great day! 🙂

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