The Mysterious Creature

Hello everyone. Last weekend I had a very strange dream and so I decided to write it down as a story before I forgot it. It was quite a strange dream if I do say so myself. And I do not really know what to make of it. I have had a few people read it for me during that time and they too thought it was a strange but interesting and even maybe thrilling. So have read and please do tell me your thoughts. I am very curious to know what you all think. Also please like, comment and share if you like this post and don’t forget to follow my blog! Have a great day. 🙂

The Mysterious Creature

I remember leaving home one day without a care in the world because I had none. I was in Rotterdam today and I wanted to visit the city. I had no one with me because I was alone as usual. This was nothing new. I walked around the streets aimlessly not really knowing the directions but greeting some people as I passed.

I finally decided it would be best to catch a tram to the city because I sure was not going to walk there by foot. Since I did not know the directions to get there. However, I did not have enough money on my OV chip card to take the tram and considered uploading some, but then with lacklustre (dreadfully) remembered ‘Oh I can’t. Because I’m broke. Don’t have any money on my bank card.’ Then I thought maybe I could try buying a ticket with some coins at those ticket machines in the tram.  But decided against it because: ‘First of all those tickets are ridiculously expensive. For one ticket alone it would cost me 3 euros. Even if I were going to get out on the next stop.’

I then decided to take the risk and just hopped on a tram heading towards the city and sat on one of the seats nearby the entrance, as a precaution if any conductors came in to search I could be in and out in no time. I saw a magazine on the seat next to me and decided to browse through it for some reason.

I raised my head from the magazine I was looking at after some time and realised that I probably should be nearby or in the city centre by now. However, strange as it may sound it felt like a lot of time had passed since the last time I picked up the magazine. I decided to step out before I pushed my luck any further. So on the next time the tram stop I stepped out, but then an aggressive hand pulled me back into the tram. The tram starts moving again to the next stop.

security-armed-policeI was dumbfounded and did not know what was heads or tails. Did normal conductors wear thick bullet proof vests and armed with weapons at their side? I was looking into the eyes of one right now! I was so flabbergasted in that instant that the next few minutes I did not know what to do or say. The man, who I then realised was standing at command next to the tram’s entrance, spoke up and said in a deep voice “You did not check out from the tram.”

The only thing that I could think about in my mind was, ‘Oh shit! I’m screwed! Why was I so absorbed in the magazine that I didn’t leave sooner! Now I am probably going to need to pay a booth when I’m already broke!

I took a look around me and saw that the tram looked completed different than the one I entered earlier. This one looks more like a cargo carrying train of some sort. ‘What happened?’

Another armed and bullet proofed wearing person comes towards us and starts talking to the bulky armed one in front of me. The one who pulled me back into the tram told his colleague that I was trying to ride the tram without paying to which I tried defending myself a little by telling them I had no money. I was broke. At that moment I was scared shitless with my heart beating in my throat. I wanted to bang my head against the side of the tram because I could have probably avoided this.

In my confusion I looked around some more and also realised that behind the heavily armed man, I was being reprimanded by, there was a huge couch bed and on that couch bed was an even bigger person laying on it. From where I stood that person seemed a little mentally challenged and slow. He was bald and was saying some gibberish I could not quite understand. It then seemed like the person wanted to high-five the heavily armed man, which the man did do. The colleague of the armed man left after a short while which surprised me because I was prepared to be taken away.

The man who dragged me back in the tram later looked at me and told me that I could leave but to never do it again. That they will not be so forgiving next time. I was quite shocked and was ready to reserve myself to whatever punishment and outcome would befall me. The guy then went ahead to proceed playing with seemingly mentally challenged individual on the couch bed and on the next stop I stepped out in even more confusion.

When I stepped out I did not recognise the place at all.

“Is this really Rotterdam?” I asked out loud but to no one in particular.

Although I do not come to Rotterdam all that often the city would give off a certain feeling when there then other cities. This time I did not get the same feeling I usually get when in Rotterdam. It felt foreign. I could not quite put my finger on it either as to why it feel so foreign. I walked around some more while people were too absorbed in themselves and in their own little bubble to be concerned about a stranger like me.

To my surprise the afternoon sun was already starting to set and it was getting darker very quickly. I did not know what was going on but I just wanted to get home as soon as possible. But where was home? I crossed many streets and went into many alleyways but could not find my way.

Suddenly, I was in an even more foreign place where there was a narrow dirt path and it seemed like two kids were injured. ‘What in the world is going on now?’

I asked one of the kids what happened to them and he said that they fell into a hole. He explained that if you continued the dirt road ahead, where you will find a surrounding of tall concrete walls. Some of his friends were walking and having fun when the ground beneath them just gave way. He mentioned that someone had tried to help bandaged their wounds but they left to find a doctor and someone who could help them further.

The boy then took me to the place where he and his friends Injured-Palestinian-childfell, which was not too far of a walking distance. His friends were sitting on stools and walking around the hole, talking among themselves. I could not help but think if they were crazy to sit so close to the very hole they fell into and got themselves injured. I saw one girl with her ankle and feet bandaged in and some others with their heads and arms wrapped in bandages. Everyone looked at me but proceeded to talk among themselves as if I were invisible. At this time an obese woman also came from behind the same concrete walls I just came from a few minutes ago and was in shock. She seemed to be very concern for the children and started asking the kids many questions.

“You all are sitting together so very close to the very hole you fell into… Aren’t you afraid you will fall into it again? At least move your chairs a little further from the hole. Or better yet why don’t you all try to get up and get out of this place?” I spoke up.

Personally, this place seemed a little too creepy for my taste and I wanted to leave. Some of the kids got up but I was already outside of the concrete walls because I was feeling a little too uncomfortable in such a creepy place as it was. Around this time a Gothic looking woman showed up and the obese woman who was showing so much concern for the kids just a few minutes ago was the first one out instead of the kids.

DARK_FAIRY_04_kevcrossleyJust then we heard the children screaming, yelling and crying from inside the walls and saw bright colourful lights, almost like that of fireworks, coming from the direction of the screams and crying. There were black and white bird feathers floating in the air coming from inside of the walls. ‘What in the world is happening now! Is today not my day at all?’

I wanted to take a peak over the narrow walls on the dirt road because I was a little curious of what was happening but I was pulled away by the Gothic woman with black hair and rings stubs in her nose and hanging from her ears.

She grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and angrily looked at me. I could not help wondering why. She pulled me towards her and looked straight into my eyes, our face only a few inches apart and said, “If you want to live to see tomorrow and leave this place you’d know better than to look. Or you will end up just like them.”

She then pushed me away causing me to hit my back against the concrete wall behind me and she just stayed where she stood waiting for the yelling, screaming and crying to subside. Whatever creature was in there it was clearly tormenting the children to no end.

The obese woman asked a question I could not quite understand and rushed to go to the other sides of the walls. As if she could do anything I thought. As I heard the creature tear the children apart and heard their shrilling screams, all I could do was cover my ears with my hands to try and drown out the scream. demonic, angelic creature with wingsBut even so, I could still hear their screams. It did not take long for me to also hear the obese woman’s screams as well. Some time had passed before all the commotion died down. ‘What just happened? Can I leave this place now, wherever this place may be? Will the creature emerge from behind the walls and tear us apart as well?

We heard light steps coming in our direction and I began trembling in anticipation. There was nowhere to hide or run. What should I do? What should I do? Are we going to die as well? …Just like those kids? However, at that moment before the creature emerged I awoke from my slumber in cold sweat.

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