Tomorrow I will be attending the ‘Poetry International’ in Rotterdam!

IMG_20150610_120713Hello my lovely followers and new visitors! I haven’t written anything since last week because I was so busy with school assignments and exams (I even had an exam today at 2 o’ clock). So to be quite honest I didn’t have any time to write. I have been so tired and sleepy for the past few days that I can’t wait for all of this to be over. I’m almost there though! So I’m very sorry for the late blog post.

But anyway, I would like to say that yesterday I signed up and paid for an event called Poetry International that will be held in Rotterdam from the 9th to the 13th. Poetry International is an event where authors, writers, poets and novelists, like myself, will be attending from all over the world.

And I suppose they too will be meeting and networking with other writers and that is where I want to be, no doubt. That would be great opportunity to display and promote my own poetry book I’m Only Human. I will be going for a few hours tomorrow so we shall see what the day holds.Poetry International

So the next time I see you all, I will tell you all about the event and the people I met there. But until then, take care and have a great day! Don’t forget! If you liked this post please like comment, re-blog and share. Bye bye!

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