I spy with my little eye…

Hello everyone. Though today was a wonderful warm day out, something you do not get to see too often living here in the Netherlands, I unfortunately was stuck in school trying to prepare myself for tomorrow’s Show and Share presentation occurring. The life of a student (shrug). Luckily tomorrow is my last day at school until the next school year in September. But still have some assignments to had in via email nonetheless. What a pity.

Anyway yesterday I received a package yesterday. What could it be?

I spy with my little eye…


… a box. And inside that box are…


Yes! They are my poetry books I ordered last week, I’m Only Human!


Were you surprised? Lol. I ordered 22 copies of my book from my publishers and I’ll try selling some in a few bookstores but it has been very hard so far. Poetry especially in this day and age you can say is somewhat unpopular. The poetry market is very small and only a few people who are interested in poetry, literature and such might be interested in most cases. In my case it is even harder because my poetry is in English and I live in a Dutch society, so it’ll be even harder to sell. Not only that a lot of the bookstores that I have gone to trying to see if I  could possibly place my book in their stores refused because their either only sell popular/ classic poetry or they do not sell poetry books at all.

So the future of my book looks quite bleak doesn’t it? But I will not give up. Not now! I will probably never give up because my poems are like my children. I gave them life and do not want to see them not succeed and die. So I’ll try and try again. I have nothing else to lose, do I?

I might write another blog post tomorrow. We’ll see how my mood is by tomorrow. Lol 😉 I will see you all next time. And remember like, comment and share this post if you liked it and please subscribe to my website. Take care!

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