Favourite Authors and Novels (Part 2)

dreamcatcherHello everyone. Happy weekend, TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! Hope everyone’s week was alright and that your weekend will be even better. 🙂

Today I will be writing the second part of my Favourite Authors and Novels posts that I wrote on Tuesday. This time I will be discussing one of my favourite novels which is Dream Catcher written by the infamous horror writer, Steven King. I read that this book was written by Steven King within half a year while he was recovering from a car accident in 1999. I remember reading at the ending of the book that he wrote Dream Catcher under the influence of the medication he was taking at the time. Nonetheless the book may have been a little strange at first read but it was really good and well written.

I read this novel in my late-teens and enjoyed it quite a lot to say the least. It was basically about an alien invasion or more precisely about alien parasites taking up host in the human body and when they are fully grown they eject themselves through the anus, killing the host in the process. The story begins very peacefully introducing four childhood friends who gain special abilities when they rescue a child with Down Syndrome from a group of bullies. One day during one of their annual hunting trips at an isolated cabin in the woods they encounter the alien species and by the end of the story many of the friends end up dying. The aliens raised havoc and it took a heck of a long time for humanity to find a way to try and kill them.

From the name alone you probably would not think that it had anything to do with aliens, but it does. Steven King also mentions that he was planning on giving it a different title but decided to change it to Dream Catcher thanks to the advice of his wife. But I wonder why did he name it Dream Catcher? Anyway, whenever you get the chance please read it. It’s really good. That is if you are somewhat into horror books and films. If you liked this post please comment, like and share and I will see you next time.

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