Happy belated birthday to my Father!

Konnichiwa minna! Yesterday, May 20, was my father’s birthday and though I was trying to make this video for on the day of his birthday it didn’t go the way I wanted due to some technical problems. So I am posting it today and I hope you all like it. Don’t forget to like, comment and share.


Though I’m wounded,

I continue to stand,

Though I’m wounded,

To others I still stretch out my hand,

Even if I must limp and I must crawl,

I will continue moving forward,

But NO, I refuse,

I REFUSE to fall,

And though on my last legs I stand,

I shall not break,

I shall continue taking these little steps

Even with every laboured breath I take,

Though I’m wounded,

I will continue to fight,

I shall stand tall,

And tall I shall stand,

With all my God given might.

By: Angie Ignacio

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