Recognising Good Poetry and Writing


Just a few days ago I came across a poem (on some kind of family and friends forum) and I liked it so much I wanted to share it here. When it comes to poetry and novel writing, I am a very picky reader. If a poem does not grab my attention within the first few sentences then I usually do not read it to the end, which I think almost everybody can admit to doing with regards to other things.

And when I give a compliment to someone regarding their poems or writing then it means that I truly acknowledge that person’s talent. I am aware that not every poem a person writes will be great or will grab my attention immediately and that is alright too. The poem that I am about to share is written by the author, Ronny Doe, a person I do not personally know at all. I have also read his other poems and I must say he is quite a talented writer. I have added a link below to show where the poem can be found.

I am Only Human

Looking in the mirror

Disliking what I see

Face that looks familiar

Is the sinner in me


Looking at his sad eyes

Wet tears upon his face

Wiping away his tears

I feel like a disgrace


Looking at his despair

Accepting all the blame

With my hands clasped in prayer

I hang my head in shame


Looking at a blue man

Frozen heart melts like ice

For he’s only human

He’s not the anti-Christ


Looking in the mirror

Fervently I pray

From the face familiar

I cannot turn away


Looking at his broke heart

Along with broken dreams

A soul that’s torn apart

I hear my silent screams


Looking at the gold cross

Hanging down from my neck

Realizing I’m not lost

I show the Lord respect


Looking at a new man

Visions of Paradise

For I’m only human

I’m not the anti-Christ


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