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I wonder how many of you know about Saba? I’m guessing maybe a handful of people. Even though Saba is an entity of the Dutch Kingdom, I’ve met a lot of people who had no idea that Saba even existed or was even part of the Dutch Kingdom. Poor Saba. But everyone knows St. Maarten of course, lol.

When I told people that I am from the former Netherlands Antilles, from a small island called Saba, the first thoughts that come to most people’s minds are: Curacao, Bonaire or Aruba. No! Everyone, Saba does exist and it is my intention to try putting it on the map. It may only be 5 square miles and may seem insignificant to some, but it is a beautiful place to visit. So, give Saba a try the next time you decide to travel. We may be small but we have friendly people, beautiful scenery, and also have other good things to offer as well. 😉

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