Hello and Welcome Everyone!


My name is Angie and Angie’s Inspiration is my very first serious website so please do be kind. On my website I will be posting about various subjects such as promoting my first poetry book I’m Only Human (which can be found online on Amazon, Kobobooks and Barnes and Noble website etc.), things that inspire me, my many novels that I am still currently writing and what I aspire to be in life. Basically, this is why this website is called Angie’s Inspiration.

As you can tell I like to do a lot of things for my own amusement and entertainment and can also have fun all by myself. As to what work I would like to do in the future, I am not exactly sure myself but I want to have as much fun as I possibly can or at least enjoy myself while doing it.

When I leave this world some day, as all of us will have to one day, more than anything I would like to be remembered as a person who tried to inspire people. So if by any chance this website inspires you even just a little bit, please let me know by dropping a comment. You can either make a comment in the comment section below, message me by email (angieignacio48@gmail.com) or send me a message on my Facebook page and Twitter (both called Angie Inspiration), So that I may know your thoughts or what you think I should improve on my website. It would really make me happy to hear from you. 🙂

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